Why Invest in the Mexican Caribbean Real Estate Market?


For many reasons, but the most important is because Quintana Roo is the state that has grown the most on a national level, demographically speaking

n terms of population, Playa del Carmen is growing at rates of 6.1% per year, which is equivalent to around 40 thousand people a year. These high growth rates benefit different sectors, including Real Estate.

Today we have 100 thousand hotel rooms. Recently we made an estimate of rooms approved as tourist hotel and vacation real estate in the tourist condominium and classic hotel room category. Based on that estimate, we have projected a grow 22 thousand additional rooms between 2016 and 2017, which means many brands have tremendous confidence in investing in the region.

Who wouldn’t want to discover paradise and relish the idea of living in the Riviera Maya of Mexico during the winter months? After all, Mexico’s exchange rate is excellent and the Mexican Caribbean is one of the world’s best places to move abroad and also one of the best places to retire overseas. It is home to the best beaches in the world, offering warm winter vacations,while the return on investment and guaranteed rental income available through real estate investing here makes it a no-brainer.

Most of the successful real estate investing done by occasional visitors in places like Tulum (very Hot Investment), Playa del Carmen and Puerto Aventuras involves guaranteed rental income properties. Instead of being an expense,this type of real estate investment offers an excellent return on investment and actually pays for itself while also complementing any portfolio’s overall wealth building strategies.

The Market is booming, more Americans and Canadians are coming to invest now thanks to Donald Trump I guess, the dollars is strong and a lots of Americans want to be off the grid so is an increase in Real Estate sale all over the Caribbean!

Playa del Carmen and the Riviera Maya in general area is booming with a $21 pesos to the dollars including smaller area like Puerto Morelos, Akumal and Puerto Aventura, deals are still available but great location is limited so price is going up.

In the last 18 months, we have received more requests to buy property than persons offering property for sale. Speaking in terms of constructed properties which are the statistics we real estate professionals look at there has been as much as 26% growth compared to the same month in the year 2015.

The most notable new growth is in the continental part of Isla Mujeres, where a very significant tourist development is going up as we speak. This zone will be a new brand with a new name area in this part of the island. In the south, Tulum will continue growing at rates of more than 15%.




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